Wednesday, September 30, 2009


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Just trying to generate some readership for my friend's new blog. She is really trying to get some business so

If its not thing its another!

So now I am battling a sinus infection. Not cool. Kind of hard to breathe while running . . . WHEN YOU CAN'T BREATHE! I am getting so worried about not meeting my goal. I think I am gonna step it up from running every other day to everyday. Even if its an abridged version of the plan. Like run the plan one day and then just do what I can the next. I am mad at myself that I am all the way 2 months into this and technically on week 3 of the plan.

On the bright side. Still doing pretty good on the diet. I am noticing a difference. There is this lower tummy fold going away and I am pretty thrilled. The scale is still missing in action so who knows if this is real progress or if I am just making stuff up in my head.

Anyways I am pretty excited about a few things. I started my children's book yesterday. A whole lot harder than I thought. Then I have to think once I am finished what do I do about illustrations, does the publishing company handle that or what. I have been consulting my Writer's Market Handbook and not run into anything useful yet, probably need to look at it a little more in depth when I am not at work.

Also I have set up a professional blog. So far all that is on it is my past articles from the NT Daily. A digital portfolio if you will. Its through wordpress though. A little harder to operate for sure. I also have a creative writing blog through there that some randomly written posts exist. Nothing major just there for whatever reason.

I set a profile with linkedln also and some other networking sites. Great News! I may be getting some free- lance work coming in. And I have to generate some story ideas so that maybe I can get them written and into the paper, some paper any paper.

Thats enough for now. Thanks!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Feeling better

So in the last post I said I was kind of unmotivated, not really feeling like running anymore. This week I slacked big time on working out, however I did really good on the diet. Between my back and my feet its difficult to want to go bounce my body around but I'm gonna. Last night I went grocery shopping with my mom and convinced her to buy everything I wanted. So basically my family is doing this with me, the eating part at least. Good stuff. Trying to eat small 5 meals a day isn't as hard as you would think, but I have to plan it out ahead of time and that part isn't so easy.

Today I will go work out. Still not feeling the running thing, mostly because of the fear of foot pain. I did buy some new orthotics. Not sure how great they're gonna be though. We shall see. But there is this thing at Wal-mart now, in the pharmacy where you step up on a machine and it will measure where you put pressure down with your feet, determining what type of supports you need. They're $50 though so gonna have to hold off but I did find out what kind I needed. Makes me sad because I feel sorry for my feet, its not their fault. Ah well try try til we find something that will help. So I will run the best I can today.

So far I've had oatmeal for breakfast then I will have banana for mid morning snack followed by 1/2 a tuna sandwich for lunch and a yogurt before I leave work. I am excited again. I guess I just was having one of those weeks and I wasn't feeling all that well so. The scale is missing from its normal place at my parents and so I have no idea if my good eating did any good last week but maybe its for the better that I don't know.

Been agonizing over this necklace I've been working on forever now. Its sad that I only find time to work on it when I am at work on the weekends. I had one plan going and then it just turned out bad, so now plan B hopefully this time it works out time. Expensive little necklace it will be once I am finished but oh so beautiful I hope.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I don't want to run anymore

So today I officially started THE DIET. Justin and I are doing it together. Lots of salads and lots of chicken and fiber.

This morning I had oatmeal followed by grapes for a mid-morning snack then a salad with chicken, nuts, carrots and feta cheese. I will have string cheese before I go work out.

Working out. Ugh so not in the mood today. I have a blistering headache and yesterday I was so sore from god knows what I was unable to run. Friday I ran and it was painful. I managed to make it through the first set and then the second 3 min set killed me. I made it 2 min before my foot felt like it was gonna break. So I walked for 2 minutes and then ran one last minute. I decided the only way this was going to keep happening was if I remedied the foot pain. So I went out and bought some brand new orthotics meant for those who over pronate, which is what I do. I put them in my shoes and I can tell a slight difference but not much so I suppose we shall see when I go to run today.

I am not in the mood to run. I have a headache and am still sore. But if I don't I will regret it later. Today just running though, none of this Zumba stuff so maybe I can be a bum this evening after I prepare dinner. Many new shows start tonight. Yay!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Okay guys I am gonna push through today. Gonna bump it up to the next level. I am a little scared but looking at it and I think its feasible. I can look forward to a good sleep tonight in light of it. Still needing some better shoes. Perhaps I will try wrapping my foot before I run. One gives me more pain than the other so it might be helpful. Swore off the soda hardcore for the remainder of my couch to 5K training. I have been consuming it like crazy because I have been displaced from my home and haven't got my normal stuff. Typically I will stick with diet also but the machine at work hasn't been taking my quarters or dollars and the other machine doesn't have diet soda of any kind. So! It has only made this business of drinking REAL Dr.Pepper easier.

This week has been good so far at work. But I guess after having that time off its been more tiresome than normal.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to 5k

So I don't feel like I got so far off track with my running to repeat any of it. Maybe thats a wrong move. We'll find out though.

Yesterday for kicks I just ran week two's regimine over again. I did okay. I kept up better than I thought. My legs are so sore, and I followed with Zumba also so I am sure that helped the burn. Definitely helped get rid of some stress. I went to Justin's afterward got dinner started and some laundry going and drank an entire bottle of wine. Mmmm I slept pretty good last night but I slept wrong and now my shoulder and neck hurt. Doesn't make checking for blind spots when you are driving very easy.

Justin did get that job. Woo hoo he has been getting home late and so its odd to go to his place and him not be there. For a year he has been there dinner made and all that. Man I was spoiled wasn't I? Now I am back to making Maria dinners which are not nearly as good as his. But I guess its my turn to practice. This whole experience has been pretty cool. I met Justin when he had a job and he was a workaholic and that did him and us no good then he got let go and so he was a jobless bum for like a yr. Which was cool because we missed so much time together in the beginning of our relationship because of work that we made up for it. Now he is back at work and it seems like his mood hasn't changed much, still real happy and postitive a little more tired and way more communicative than he was before. Calling me at lunch and talking, updating me on when he is getting off, a random text here or there. I am not a needy person by any means but its nice to see that he has learned from the past yr and a half. All work and no play leads you no where, got to keep a good balance.

I will not be running or working out at all tonight. I have a lovely video chat date with my two besties. E-mailed back like good little eager applicant for that job I really want so hopefully I will hear back on that.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pictures if you would like to see. . .

I'm Baaaack!

I have been hesitating getting on here and writing because there is just so much to say and I really don't want to to go overboard so here is my attempt at limited vacation updates.

Things I did on the cruise:
1. Ate a billion pounds of food (including 2 lobster tails for dinner one night not ashamed of it either).
2. Slept on the deck by the pool with nothing but endless ocean all around me.
3. Witnessed and babysat my mother as she accidentally got drunk in Progresso, getting her back on the bus and walking back to the ship was hilarious.
4. Rapelled off of a wall, zip lined.
5. Snorkelled . . . first time in my life and will NOT be the last!
6. Drank Sprite from a glass bottle in Cozumel.
7. Bought 2 bottles of Absolut Vodka for $20, I love liquor prices in Mexico.
8. Ate a billion more pounds of food.
9. Tried a bloody mary and like it.
10. Tried a manhattan and didn't like it at all.
11. Danced to 70's music with my mama
12. Made friends with cute Mexican tour guide named Mario and am now friends with him on facebook, thinking how cute our names would be together Maria and Mario. (Still love my boyfriend I swear!)
13. Watched people sing karoke as the homosexual make-up-wearing-asian host made racial induced jokes that made all the drunk people laugh.
14. Relaxed in a hot tub
15. Relaxed in the room in soft robes
16. Entertained by the nightly towel animals that were sitting on my bed.
17. Acutally ran one time, but I did it on the treadmill because it was raining on the track and realized I am a fan of running on the treadmill.
18. Gained my 5 pounds back, but I really don't feel bad about because I know I will go back to running and eating better than I was before and I will lose it again. Not to mention I ate the best food ever!

That is all I can think of presently. Man I did a lot in 5 days. I am officially addicted to cruises and will be taking one again in the Spring if I can manage to save the funds.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I did it! I made it through Day two of week two. Some laps seem easier than the others so I don't really know its it easier over all, but considering its progress I will not complain. Also a positive thing; my shins didn't hurt. Yay. Maybe the one full day of rest that I got did me some good. Tuesday I din't do anything but go home and bathe puppies. All 10 of them.

So yes I ran and yes according to the scale I am still 5 pounds lost . . . yay! My butt muscles hurt still but I guess I am firming and tightening? Today the thighs also hurt, thats new.
I am still feeling that sense of accomplishment. In fact I ran 95 seconds every 2 minutes. I was real tempted to see how far I could go but decided not to jump ahead of myself, just stick to the prgram. I will run tomorrow and then I will start week 3 on the cruise ship. I bet people might question wether or not I will really run on the cruise ship, I am placing bets on myself. I've come so far though for me and I don't want to back slide at all.

I applied for my dream job today. Omg the fact that it even existed makes me so excited. I would be using that degree, it offers phenomenal money and its in Seattle. I know everyone is giving me a hard time because I keep looking in Seattle. But I want to leave Texas and I see no reason not to look at a place where I have a friend already there. The boyfriend says he will follow me anywhere too. He he we'll see about that one. But this would be a great opportunity for me. And I got mom and grandma's gave me their blessing on leaving Texas and finding my own way and that makes me feel better about job hunting out of state.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So I completed my second week of the first week of the Couch to 5k on Saturday. Still tough but not as bad for sure, I ran outside too so I was pretty pleased. The thing I like running about outside is I have more of a visual of exactly how far I ran in comparison to the last time I did the same route. Like this time I made it further in 30 min.

BUT LAST NIGHT . . . I went to the next level people. The second week of this plan is to run for 90 seconds and walk for 2 minutes. You don't really realize how long 90 seconds is until you have to run for 90 seconds. So there I am running and trying not think about the ankles hurting and the shins hurting and thinking I really deserve those new shoes sooner than November.

I've been really bad bout eating right, like the last three nights no joke I have had Pizza. What the hell is wrong with me? Oh never mind I know. Anyways still however I have managed to lose about 5 lbs in two weeks, according to my scale at home. I don't like the scale at the gym. It never changes, I think its broken.

Today won't be much better eating wise. But I'll keep working out anyways.