Sunday, September 14, 2008

Please mark white, african american or other

Ah yes America home of the free land of the brave, one big melting pot. With all the major magazines out there at the fingertips of all members of society it got me thinking about different faces showcased on the covers of these magazines, the representation of their media. Looking back at covers of magazines such as Cosmo Girl, Vanity Fair, Seventeen and Glamour I took notice to the fact that there are hardly any other races besides white, African American and your occasional Hispanic featured. However when I think about the people I go to school with everyday I realize there are not equal representations. I started to think who would appear on these covers. Parminder Nagra, is famous for her role as Neela on ER has, at least in my research, never been featured on any of the magazines geared toward women in America. She has however graced the pages of Asian Woman and TV Guide. How about male actor B.D. Wong, known for his role on the TV series Law and Order SVU, I don't see him sighted on any issues of GQ or Esquire. The list continues of course and these are representations of other races that live in this country. I really think entertainment media could do a better job of diversifying what they use as the face of their magazines.