Monday, May 31, 2010

Friends Forever

Some friends come and go, while others they last forever. They withstand distance and long lulls in between communication picking up the phone as though no time has passed. This week was an amazing testament to that. I met Tricia Lynn Rash when we were in our Junior year of highschool. Unfortunately it wasn't until the Summer after that we truly got close. We went to yearbook camp. I know nerdy, but we were editors of our yearbook for the Senior year and that was the time we used to plan. She bunked with her best friend Stacy and I bunked with a gal named Christina. We had so much fun. It made for a fabulous foundation for our Senior year, the best year of high school. I remember those days so fondly. We spent our time after school working on that dang book making deadlines and thoroughly enjoying creating pages and writing stories and captions. Afterwards we would gather at someone's house or some restaurant and spend evenings goofing off and enjoying young life, with minimal drama. Tricia and I followed each other to college. We had made the deal that if we both got accepted into UNT then that is where we would go. I also got accepted into another school but when it came down to it, UNT was local and I had a friend. We just about killed each other the first semester our Freshman year of college. Things ironed themselves out when we started limiting our together time. We parted living arrangements after our Freshman year but remained close. I was in her wedding 2 years ago in Hawaii and she recently came for a visit. We don't talk nearly often enough, but once again even through the lulls when we finally get to catch up it is as if no time has passed at all. She has been visiting recently, as she lives in Hawaii now with her husband whom is a Marine and is stationed there. It's so reassuring to know that no matter the time or place there are some friendships that withstand.

Monday, May 24, 2010


You know all those familiar sayings, "Life is what happens while you're making plans." "God has a plan." "One door closes another one opens." The list goes on.

In recent days I have come not to hate those phrases quite as much as I used to. There was a point when those words were uttered I wanted to punch the speaker in the face. I wanted my plans to work out, I wanted to be in control of my life and it's destiny. Not that I was trying to take that out of God's hands or anything, but I always kind of thought he was ok with my plans, that they were good plans. Well every time I turn around God changes my plans. I am sure it is all for the best and that sometimes the direction you are pointed is better than the path you are on but dang it, it's hard to be patient.

I didn't get into the teaching program. There is no way of knowing why this happened, I studied very hard and honestly feel I could have studied any harder. I passed the test and I had the credentials. Literally 10 minutes prior to receiving this information I had a very good conversation with the director of our department. He gave good advice and made me feel more secure about my degree and where I could gear it in the hospital. He sees very genuine in wanting people to stay in Baylor and advancing and using the skills they have to do those things. He is very easy to talk to and made me feel confident in support regarding any opportunities that come my way. I really hope that this is the case because I am due for an opportunity.

I don't feel upset or sad regarding the happenings in the last month, with studying and it getting me seemingly no where. I have to respect the steps I take to get somewhere, they are all worth it.

"Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt." - Shakespeare

Perhaps my doubts got the better of me, no matter how I tried to subdue them maybe they were deep seeded in my brain. Or maybe it really was just God's plan. God's plan is better than my plan, so I suppose I need to stop taking the plans I make to seriously. I need to have the faith that everything will work out for the best in the end regardless.

Wish Chronicles

I want to be sure to chronicle my Make-A-Wish experience this time around.

Nela is my new wish kid. She has been dealt an unfortunate hand and with that hand she has some limitations that have been placed on her life. This vibrant special girl once played baseball and was a cheerleader. She once went to school like her brother and sister with the ability to play with her friends and attend school field trips and the steroids she takes has caused her to gain weight. Now she is unable to play the sport she deems as her favorite and she is homebound educated.

She stays busy and connected through a lot of artistic creations as well as a blog she keeps for her classmates to comment on. She recently lost her 2 front teeth and is very proud of that accomplishment.

When I went to ask Nela about her wish she sat thoughtfully and responded with, "mmmmm I don't know." So we broke it down, asking her if she could go anywhere, have anything, be anything or meet anyone what each would be. She responded with Disneyland/world, trampoline, artist and Selena Gomez. When we broke it down and pitted each against eachother Artist beat Disneyland/world and Selena Gomez beat Artist. So her official wish is to meet Selena Gomez and I really hope we can make that happen. It is diffcult sometimes to deal with celebrity schedules in addition to working around wish kid schedules as they often have to deal with treatments etc. But I have faith in the organization I volunteer for and I know they will make everything awesome!

Everyone should do this.