Sunday, November 23, 2008

Openly Gay

Every Sunday night my boyfriend and I watch a show on ABC called Brothers and Sisters. Its a nice reminder that our families' aren't the only ones who are nuts. In the series is a brother who is a high powered attorney who is openly gay, Kevin. Kevin doesn't follow you're general gay stereotype by society's standards. Well Kevin got married this season to his chef boyfriend Scotty. Scotty is a little more quintesentially gay but still not quite the stereotype. This season there has been many episodes where Kevin and Scotty kiss. After sharing a conversation with a co-worker who is not of a generation where being gay was so openly placed in society she commented on how is still throws her when she witnesses a gay couple in public, on t.v. She also told me of a story of a caller we got at our place of employment. The caller was a woman and said, "let me put my wife on the phone, she'll understand this better." My co-worker said while it didn't bother her, it caught her off guard a woman saying "my wife." I got to thinking about how open we have become in our society and I would venture to say more accepting. If we aren't then television certainly is putting it out there to be viewed. I placed a clip from my show where Kevin proposes to Scotty and in the end of the scene they share a kiss. I would really like to see what people think abou this.