Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm back

Really I've been back since Monday however its been so busy getting back into the swing of things at work I just haven't had time to write.

Seattle did not happen. :( I sadly didn't get to go. I got freakin Swine Flu. Damn the luck. I was upset to say the least. When I left work early on Saturday it was merely because I was feeling weak, I thought for sure it was because of all the overtime I had worked. Nope sure enough I got home mom stuck the thermometer in my mouth and 101.8. FABULOUS! I was positive though, rest and take medicine, surely I would be better by Tuesday when I had to get on a plane. Sunday rolled around and still running a fever and I had coughed so much my chest felt it would lurch out of me in addition to severely aggravating my throat causing me to sound like a frog. Monday was the last straw I needed something fast, so I went to the doctor. She made me do a breathing treatment while she tested me for H1N1. I prayed to God, "Please don't let me have Swine Flu." My mother who is my doctor's nurse came in to tell me I had H1N1. I fought back tears as Dr. Tammie told me if I didn't run a fever between the doc visit and boarding the plane, I could go. I think she said this to humor me because she knew I was gonna still feel to crappy to go. By Monday night I still felt so crummy I knew there was no way I was getting on a plane and then I spiked a fever anyways . . . still contagious. :( I called Lauren who was so utterly awesome about the whole thing, it only made me feel worse. I cried hysterically, I really really needed to see my bestie. I remained sick the whole rest of the week, not feeling better until Friday. I was kind of glad though I would've been furious with myself if I felt better Wednesday and would've been fine to go after all but no I felt like poop.

Needless to say this has dwindled down my PTO hrs. I have an additional occurrence and I am so far off my from my goal that it makes me sick. I refuse to step on a scale. This whole yr has been wretched when it comes to fulfilling my goals. 2009 sucked to say the least. I have high high hopes for next yr though. I am saving money for my wedding. I know I know no ring yet, but Justin and I have talked and provided life throws no curve balls that whole engagement thing should happen this yr. And me being the person I am needing to have control of some kind, will start saving money and working out with the idea that I will be planning a wedding sooner than later.

Saturday I will start working out again. And it will be a horrible battle because of this horrible holiday season that is upon us. But fight I will.