Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First day of bootcamp down.

It was exciting, it was invigorating and it kicked my ass. They definitely preach at you to pace yourself and I feel like I did. Walking some of it and only doing 2 rounds of 1 drill instead of 3. It was a challenge and that is something I haven't done to myself physically ever. This is going to work for me! When you work out alone its easy to stop 5 minutes early because you are tired or not run the last lap because your legs are fatigued but in this group setting I can't do that. I mean I can, but if I do I look like a wimp. There are people of all shapes and sizes in there and all age groups too. If there is a 60 something man in there keeping up I think I can too. Plus I really enjoyed doing this with my co-worker. Granted she was ready to quit on me yesterday, I think she will stick with it. I pray she does at least. I have talked to other women in there who have stated they made a lot of progress even with just going the three days a week and that is highly motivating. One woman is sitting there telling me she has lost alomost 2 dress sizes in one month!!!! WTF, I would be in heaven. I pulled out my goal jeans this weekend. They are wranglers because yes I wore those from time to time back in the day. Dated the cowboy and all. I haven't worn them in at least 5 years maybe more. So that is the first goal, to get back into those. Don't be surprised if on the day that happens I come to work in my cowboy boots and my wranglers bragging. HA!

Breakfast: Scrambled egg whites with 1 tsp of american cheese and a slice of peanutbutter toast. It was yummy, hit the spot and I get a snack in about 15 minutes. This is the hardest part not wanting to munch in between meals.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Let's try this again

Never ending battle this whole weight loss thing, but new plan new ball game.

I have a work out buddy now! Yay and a trainer of sorts. I have signed up for a fitness boot camp. Excied and nervous are the combined feelings rolling around in my head right now. I always said if I had someone to push me then I would do better, I am hoping this is the push I need. I paid the money and it was not terribly much but it could've gone to any number of other things so if I don't do this then I wasted my hard earned cashola.

Assessment is on Saturday, where they will take my measurements and get us started on a meal plan. I think there is a sit-up and push-up test too. OY!

I went to the gym yesterday, I figured I should go this week and gear up for working out harder next week. Yes I understand the ridiculous thought of that statement. I just want a good month of someone teaching me what to do and then I should be good. But if I see good results, I might go for another round. There are so many promising testimonials on their website. If I lost 40lbs, I would be so stoked. That's all I want.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What is your sneezing style?

I had to post this because it was a sparked conversation and I had to know if there was some type of scientific explaination for why people sneeze all quiet and petite while others are loud and boistrous.

Well just so you know, there is no scientific reason to back up your annoying sneeze. Most likely however it was learned behavior, your mother sneezed that way her entire life and you figured that's how you should too. Unfortunately we can't blame our mothers for all our bad habits. But unless it's been pointed to you it is unlikely you are even aware of how it comes out. I didn't realize I was a compulsive nail biter until someone in college pointed out, now I rarely do that.

There is however one hereditary sneeze. It is called a photic sneeze which is triggered by sudden sunlight. Twenty perecnt of Sweedes are photic sneezers . . . funny. It is 100 percent attributed to genes like eye color, it is not related to gender.

So if you know of a loud sneezer you might want to clue them in.


"Shooting the Breeze About Sneezing" by Patti A. Wood, a body language expert and Benadryl spokeswoman:

Trumpet Sneeze -- These people expel air almost completely through their mouths with a loud, "OOOH."

Internal Sneeze -- Nothing really comes out except an odd "ump" noise. It's a wonder their eardrums don't explode.

Big Bad Wolf Sneeze -- They huff and puff before sneezing, as if they could blow the whole house down.

The Tease -- They capture our attention and may rivet an entire room in place as they go "aahhh ahhhh," with only a tiny little anticlimactic "achoo" at the end.

Freeze Tag -- The sneezer's whole face and body freeze, perhaps for several seconds, as the sneeze builds up internally. It suddenly explodes out, animating the entire person.

Hand as Handkerchief -These sneezers let it go right into their hand. This is really annoying if they then offer their hand for a handshake.

The Coughing Sneeze -- This is a series of coughlike sounding sneezes close together without a breath.

The Shout-it-Out Sneeze -This manly sneeze is so loud it can be heard in the next state.

Cartoon Sneeze -- This sounds like a little kid sneezing. Also known as the dainty sneeze.

The How High Can You Count? Sneeze -- The sneezer that keeps sneezing one right after the other until he begins to look like Count von Count from "Sesame Street."

Spray Gun -- This sneezer makes you wish you were carrying an umbrella and wearing a raincoat.


So, what exactly is a sneeze? According to the American Academy of Neurology, sneezing is a reflex designed to protect the respiratory system.

A ticklish feeling in the nose starts a reaction that activates the nerves that make you sneeze. It's basically a really fast exhalation through the nose and mouth designed to eject offending alien objects, such as pollen or a tiny bug.


• A sneeze can throw water droplets six feet into the air at speeds of up to 100 mph. One sneeze can propel 100,000 bacteria into the air. (Be sure to wear a raincoat around some people.)

• Sneezy of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was originally to have been called Deafy, until someone, long before the days of political correctness, spotted the unconscious slur, writes Michael Barrier in "Hollywood Cartoons."

• Some people who suffer strokes affecting the medulla part of the brain lose their ability to sneeze, even though the urge to sneeze and the ability to mimic the action remains. According to a study published by the American Association of Neurology, the sneeze "build-up" was not affected, only the completion of the sneeze. The stroke victims researched recovered their ability to sneeze within six months.

According to a Benadryl survey of 547 people:

• About 45 percent said they sneeze differently in public than by themselves.

• When asked what best describes what is going through their mind when sneezing, 47 percent responded, "I hope I don't bother anyone."

• 32 percent of women hold in their sneeze

• 26 percent of women are multiple sneezers, compared to 27 percent of men

• 46 percent of men say they are "big sneezers"

Sources: "Shooting the Breeze About Sneezing" by Patti A. Wood, Benadryl spokeswoman; Hoechst Marion Roussel, the pharmaceutical division of Hoechst AG; American Academy of Neurology (AAN); Washington Post; Library of Congress; Guinness Book of World Records. Amy Hotz writes for the StarNews in Wilmington, N.C.