Saturday, December 6, 2008

Violent women

So remember when we covered violence against women and also men in advertising well here are a few recent ones that have been brought to my attention recently in music videos. My brother actually brought these to my attention, which I found interesting that someone who hasn't taken one of these classes took notice. Refreshing.

Britney Spears 'Womanizer'

Katy Perry 'Hot and Cold'

Pink 'So What'

Disney gone wrong

So I originally posted some images in regards to Disney stars going bad. Their bad girl image being discovered on the internet for the world to see. It disturbed me each time I pulled up my blog, so I took them down. Its not new to see this, Britney Spears and Christina Auguilera both were Disney celebrities at one point only to take a walk on the wild side of pop stardom, fortunately it was their talent that got them outside exposure from Disney not their nude pictures floating around on the world wide web. Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical and Adrienne Bailon of the Cheetah Girls both had their nude bods leaked to the web for all to see. Ms. Miley Cyrus also has been accused of promiscuous behaviors being caught on camera along with Hilary Duff. A question brought up is should these Disney celebrities show and err of caution when it comes to these public images? Do they have a responsibility to their young fans to uphold a certain professional and clean cut image? Or do they have a right to act however they deem in their own private lives? As always just food for thought.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Openly Gay

Every Sunday night my boyfriend and I watch a show on ABC called Brothers and Sisters. Its a nice reminder that our families' aren't the only ones who are nuts. In the series is a brother who is a high powered attorney who is openly gay, Kevin. Kevin doesn't follow you're general gay stereotype by society's standards. Well Kevin got married this season to his chef boyfriend Scotty. Scotty is a little more quintesentially gay but still not quite the stereotype. This season there has been many episodes where Kevin and Scotty kiss. After sharing a conversation with a co-worker who is not of a generation where being gay was so openly placed in society she commented on how is still throws her when she witnesses a gay couple in public, on t.v. She also told me of a story of a caller we got at our place of employment. The caller was a woman and said, "let me put my wife on the phone, she'll understand this better." My co-worker said while it didn't bother her, it caught her off guard a woman saying "my wife." I got to thinking about how open we have become in our society and I would venture to say more accepting. If we aren't then television certainly is putting it out there to be viewed. I placed a clip from my show where Kevin proposes to Scotty and in the end of the scene they share a kiss. I would really like to see what people think abou this.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Banned Ad in the US

So an ad was banned from the viewing pleasure of those residing in the U.S. Interesting the things that slip through the cracks but then things that people decide to all of a sudden take seriously. If only they hadn't shown Eve Mendes' portion of her boob that shall remain nameless. Europeans don't seem to have an issue with it as it is still airing there. One would question if we are just that afraid of naked body or the sexual nature of the ad, however then how would you defend other such ads that remain in view for all to see. Food for thought.

Picture wouldn't copy so feel free to click the link below.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

In light of our questionable ads

Don't really have much to say on this. It seems Levi's is sending a disturbing message regarding that of the male member? To me it really isn't even that funny, I fail to see why this of all things would entice consumers to wear these. The ad is meant to be sent in an e-mail, much like a greeting card and its recipient is greeted by the beast that has been unleashed from the 501 jeans. Disturbing.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Please mark white, african american or other

Ah yes America home of the free land of the brave, one big melting pot. With all the major magazines out there at the fingertips of all members of society it got me thinking about different faces showcased on the covers of these magazines, the representation of their media. Looking back at covers of magazines such as Cosmo Girl, Vanity Fair, Seventeen and Glamour I took notice to the fact that there are hardly any other races besides white, African American and your occasional Hispanic featured. However when I think about the people I go to school with everyday I realize there are not equal representations. I started to think who would appear on these covers. Parminder Nagra, is famous for her role as Neela on ER has, at least in my research, never been featured on any of the magazines geared toward women in America. She has however graced the pages of Asian Woman and TV Guide. How about male actor B.D. Wong, known for his role on the TV series Law and Order SVU, I don't see him sighted on any issues of GQ or Esquire. The list continues of course and these are representations of other races that live in this country. I really think entertainment media could do a better job of diversifying what they use as the face of their magazines.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Too Racy?

CW's Gossip Girl debuted September 2007, based of a book series by author Cecily von Ziegesar. The show is centered around the dramatic lives of the socialite young adults growing up in New York's Upper East Side. They attend elite schools and deal with sex, drugs, jealousy and much more. Recent talks of controversy have been addressed on message boards all over the web discussing whether their ads are too racy. Thoughts?

Entertaining Teens

What is entertaining teens?

A conversation sparked after class regarding the literature that our teens are exposed to, words that are literally at the fingertips of anyone really. It got me thinking about different teen television series that are on air today and even the ones that were airing when I was a teen. ie. Dawson's Creek, Felicity, 90210 and even the innocent show 7th Heaven. I can say with almost 100% certainty the main plot of almost all of them was a group of teens hanging out dealing with a blur of emotions all in the middle of some identy crisis and seeking to give up their "V" card, obsessed with who is sleeping with who.

Now on some level your junior high and high schoolers and even some college students are pretty much dealing with these very issues. However I still wonder if our shows have an effect on how glamorized a lot of these aspects are portrayed. I don't believe media is the only thing that can take the blame for the shortcomings of its viewers but it has to instill something.

My 13 year old cousin was obsessed with "cute" boys before she was even in middle school. Posters of boy bands clinging to her bedroom walls, I wonder if she even knew what a "cute" boy was. And today I pity my uncle who is about to battle her every step of the teen series path she is about to embark on.

I don't know if striking these shows from television would prevent teen pregnancy, curb the appetite to "find yourself" or make being a dramatic teenager any less glamorous. In fact I am pretty sure it wouldn't, but it still makes you contemplate what our youth is being exposed to.