Sunday, August 15, 2010

Planning Nothing is Hard

This week I am working my 7-day rotation. That's always a very fabulous time. I look forward to the days when this rotation no longer exists, it can't get here fast enough.

My time will be spent at work and thus far the only thing on the agenda is a wine night with my Hilary. This will consist of she and I sitting around her APT sipping on some wine. My wine rack is full of colorful reds and greens and whites glistening from the kitchen window begging to be consumed. Well consume them we will this Thursday. At most I am thinking about buying some cheeses and some fruit and just indulging that way vs. making a big expensive meal.

Saturday I am supposed to be going to a fancy restaurant in Ft.Worth with my Wish Kid's family. I am looking forward to that. Her Dad is an avid photographer and actually hooked me up with a SLR 35mm. I know I know who uses film anymore?! I am just playing but I can tell he is excited that I am doing it and I have always wanted to mess around with photography and I will eventually get the DSLR.

So operation do nothing, not working out so far but at least it's only 2 adventures vs. one for every day of the week. I think my Sunday is completely free. No work, no boot camp no nothing.

I will get better at planning nothing.

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