Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ay Ay Ay

So my baby brother, the boy who can tug at my heart strings and pretty much make me want to do anything I can for him is putting himself into rehab today. :(

About 4 years ago he got entangled into a mess of meth. He and my other brother were doing this horrible nasty drug. The baby however got pulled over one day and caught with less than a gram of it. He winds up on probation. Of course because he is on probation he manages to steer clear of it for years.

Two years a go we dealt with him being placed into a jailed rehab of sorts. He was in jail but it was a section meant for young people who had been charged with a drug charge of some sort. Now he wound up here not because he failed a drug test or failed to show up for a probabtion meeting. His officer whom was the wife of a former employer didn't like him too much and she had managed to get him to sign up for this jailed program. He hadn't done drugs in years and his jail time was due to trickery so his lawyer managed to get him out before Christmas.

Push to present day. The lovely middle child managed to get his butt suspended from school about 3 months ago and he had to come home. He came home and in the brief time he was here he managed to get the baby hooked up with a meth dealer again. Damn damn damn! Three months later the baby can't shake the habit again, he knows he is in trouble. Trying a vain attempt to change his number and keep away from the riff raff, he gets desperate and goes through old phone records to find Mr.Dealer's number. So every Wednesday he meets up with his dealer, spends his money on this drug and then spends the rest of the week coming up with excuses to borrow money from friends. His friends who have no idea what he is doing as he hides in closets to perform the duty of consuming this drug. Even his girlfriend whom he spends countless hours with has no idea.

Yesterday he relays to me all of the above along with he lost his job. He had been suggested for a promotion and failed a UA, of course. The owner of the company, luckily, is his best friend's Dad. He gave him the deal of "you get help and you can have your job back." So I had to keep my lips sealed last night as he didn't want to make a huge scene with our parents. I didn't sleep worried about it all night and this morning I had the pleasure of informing my mother. She held it together. But I know she broke when I left. She had hoped this was behind us. She thought him spending time in jail was enough of a scare. And now she worries if he will be successful and what will happen when her other son returns from California.

Pray for my family.

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